The doorbell rang, kids were screaming, the dog was barking and I opened the door to receive a registered letter. My initial response was to throw it on the kitchen table and read it later but I knew it must be important. And yes it was. It was my provincial college informing me that they were auditing my practice as a Registered Dietitian as part of their ongoing quality assurance program. I’d been randomly selected. Yippee!

The process was easy. I needed to ask 15 clients to respond to an anonymous survey through a secure link and ask the same of 10 colleagues and I had 2 months to do it. It was all automated online and I could even just click to send a quick reminder to clients who had not submitted their response.

Once all responses were sent — do you know what happened?

I forgot about it.

Since I’ve been practicing for over 18 years and have annual learning requirements and reviews (thanks to that same provincial regulatory body) I had no doubt that my clients and colleagues responses would be positive.

And they were!

My audit results

100% of my clients were satisfied with my services and 100% would recommend me to a family member! And my colleagues held that same belief and satisfaction with my approach – and would recommend me 100%. (Both results were above the overall rankings for all RD’s audited).

Anyone that knows me would say that I’m not one to toot my own horn but I also recognise the extreme power of recognizing our wins! I’ve actually started journaling after my amazing client sessions (you know the ones that make you feel on top of the world) so that I can help more of my amazing clients get CRAZY results!

Results like
“I can’t believe how much energy I have, even following a vegetarian diet!”
“My sleep is so much better with that 1 simple change”
“My stomach issues are 100% gone! I wish I’d met you years ago”
“I feel good, fit and not exhausted”

I see you there busy, mommapreneur getting everyone else RESULTS!

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