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A high touch support program for women who are done with diets and ready for food freedom! 

A warm, welcoming community to enjoy connection and flourish on your journey to food freedom.

Be part of a warm, welcoming community for continued support and connection to guide and inspire you to live a life free from diets and deprivation!

You want ongoing contact, connection and the experience of being with like minded women, who are going through the exact same thing as you

This is what you’ll find within the EXPANSION program. This is your gift to yourself for less than the price of a 1-on-1 session with a Registered Dieitian each month. 

I know what it’s like…

You’ve tried to stop dieting but you get drawn back in by the promise of one last weight loss and then you’ll fix the lifestyle behaviours. 

You’re tired of restricting and you’re looking for a way to stop. 

It feels overwhelming to figure this out on your own. 

You’re tired of feeling guilt and shame around your body. 

You’re not sure where to go for regular non judgemental help. 

You feel like all anyone talks about are diets and food. 

I also know what it feels like to break free of the diet mentality and feel excited about food and eating again. There is no better feeling than being happy in your body as it is, right now.

This group support is for you if…

You are looking for a safe space to be open and experience real connection

You are ready to enjoy your food

You want to be inspired by others and stop worrying about what other people think. 

You are already eating intuitively but want support and guidance to continue the journey. 

You are ready to feel confident in your body as it is now, even when others around you aren’t. 

You want a safe space where you can just relax and be yourself.

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Yes, food is everywhere!

And that can make dropping the diet mentality challenging. There will be challenges hearing others talk about their diet or weight loss program and dealing with triggers for emotional eating.

You want help to learn how to love your body as it is and remember that you are worthy.

What if I told you…

That size doesn’t determine health.  Your doctor and other health practitioners (myself included) have been getting it wrong. You can have all the support you need on your food freedom journey. 

You can live a life where food is food. It’s neutral. You enjoy it and savour it but it no longer controls your day or your thoughts.

You can find help and encouragement whenever you need it. Would you want it?

With the EXPANSION Program support, you will…

Have regular access to coaching sessions and support. 

Learn about a variety of issues around intuitive eating. 

Learn to live a happy life without food or body image holding you back. 

Navigate tricky situations with ease and grace. 

Understand your reasons for emotional eating and work through them. 

Build your skill power with simple tools and strategies to keep you on track for finding food freedom. 

Never feel alone. 

Reignite your passion for all foods. 

Live a life where food doesn’t run your day or thoughts. 

Feel confident in your body. 

Get all the support you need to stay committed and true to yourself.

What you will enjoy with the EXPANSION support program.



20+ years of tried and true tools to support you.



Group coaching sessions 3 weeks of the month to connect and share.


 Group Support

Set in a private online community to check-in and ask for help. 



In peer pods with 9 other participants to foster growth and connection. 


Voxer Support

1 on 1 support to answer your individual nutrition questions 2 days per month. 

If you want to…

Stop dieting once and for all and experience food freedom. 

Lose the shame around your emotional eating. 

Feel supported and connected with similar women. 

Have help every step along the way. 

Experience mindset shifts that let you be all that you desire and more! 

Learn to be present with your body and nourish it from a place of love. 

Feel calm at meal times and savour every single bite. 

Connect with people who care and get the daily support that you deserve. 

“I like hearing from the other participants and feeling less alone in struggles.”

Previous program participant

“I really enjoyed the live group discussions. It was a great support and it was helpful to exchange ideas/ tips on dealing with various issues.”  

Group Program Member

Food freedom and body love is available to you….

All you have to do is: 

Come and join us and gift yourself the life you deserve without guilt and shame around food running the show.

This is your chance to finally live a life with food freedom with all the support, connection and community to get you there.

We will laugh, reflect, learn and likely cry on the way! 

In a world full of diets and weight loss gimmicks it can feel hard to drop the diet mentality but you don’t have to do it alone.

Peer pods are kept small (maximum 10 women) so that you’ll never be lost in a sea of thousands of members. High touch support in an intimate environment is the culture of EXPANSION

Invest in yourself and start enjoying food, your body and life again. 




What makes this program different?

Diets don’t work. If they did, weight loss companies, diet shakes and every other remedy for losing weight would’ve gone out of business years ago!

Understanding a one size fits all approach to health and wellness just doesn’t work. We are all so different. We are different in our ages, heights, different stages of life, post pregnancy, life circumstances etc.

Actually restricting particular foods from your daily eating regime makes you want to crave them even more. 

Food should never be restricted. What I support you through in the EXPANSION program is to help you understand your body’s natural hunger cues and to only eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.

And, most importantly, understand that health is at every sizeNumbers on scales, on tape measures and BMI indexes are just that. Numbers. You are a human being who needs food to survive and food is to be enjoyed.

When are the group coaching calls?

Group coaching calls will happen between 11 am and 1 pm EST, Monday to Friday. Each peer pod will have a consistent date and time. 

Will Cathy be present on the group coaching calls?

Yes! Cathy will be on each and every coaching call. You’re paying for her expertise and experience. No peer coaches here. 

Can I claim EXPANSION on my health insurance?

Check your individual policy with your health insurance provider but yes. EXPANSION is claimable under ‘dietitian’ services.

Be Energized! Cathy Richards RD