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Below is a specially curated range of products I highly recommend for price and effectiveness.

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lake and oak sun mylk adaptogenic turmeric latte blend

Sun Mylk

You’re glowing! Elevate up your turmeric latte game with Sun Mylk, a balanced adaptogen blend of organic turmeric and spices with maca + ashwagandha, making it a deliciously therapeutic way to unwind and #treatyourself.

Mega Matcha

A matcha made in heaven! Mega Matcha blends the highest quality ceremonial grade matcha with adaptogens maca + ashwagandha, powering up its ability to relax the mind while promoting a smooth, feel-good boost of energy.

Ashwagandha & Chill

The chill-est tea in the game. Ashwagandha, Skullcap, and Chamomile make up this soothing blend of superherbs, reducing stress and bolstering well-being.

lake and oak sun mylk adaptogenic turmeric latte blend

Chaga Coconut Chai

The chai with it’s own fan club. This comforting blend is rockin’ chaga mushrooms, tulsi and ginger, for a sip that’s pleasantly spicy and sweet. Rooibos makes it a natural caffeine-free dream, great for mellowing out at any time of day.

Mint Cacao Bliss

A nourishing take on your evening sweet fix, this Mint Cacao Bliss tea sneaks in the beauty-boosting benefits of antioxidant powerhouse Raw Cacao, soothing Peppermint and nutty Rooibos.
It’s like cozy, (healthy!) dessert in a cup.

Gut Love

Boost beauty from the inside out with this knockout blend that soothes the gut, tames inflammation, and promotes detoxification.
Licorice Root and Peppermint mingle to make the ultimate gut-healing cocktail, with Dandelion Root bringing it’s liver-cleansing prowess to the party.

lake and oak sun mylk adaptogenic turmeric latte blend

Rose Schisandra Glow

Pleasantly pink, fruity & fun, this crowd-pleasing blend scores high with tea drinkers for it’s serious beauty benefits.
Dripping with juicy flavours of hibiscus, rose hips & the adaptogenic super berry schisandra, the mega boost of glow-inducing vitamin C will have your friends saying “I don’t know how she does it”.

Cacao Mylk

Hot cacao with a side of adaptogens. A satisfying blend of chaga, maca, and cacao eases stress, while warming spices—cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg—envelop the taste buds in a comforting hug. Just mix with milk and a splash of sweetener for a healthy, delicious pick-me-up any time of day.

Not Coffee

Infused with a blend of plant-based superfoods—dandelion root, chicory root, rooibos, and ashwagandha—and a dash of aromatic cinnamon for flavor, this herbal beverage offers a feel-good alternative to coffee sans the caffeine, jitters, and tummy aches. Enjoy it black or with a splash of milk for a new morning ritual.