Do you want some easy and healthy muffin recipes for back to school snacks? I’m always looking for healthy, nut free recipes so I’ve decided to create this round up to make it easier for me to have the recipes all in one spot. I hope it helps you too.

I love muffins for the children because it’s a healthier snack option that can be both nutritious and filling without spoiling their appetite for their next meal.

(Please note: These recipes are nut free because of allergy rules in the school system. If your children are able to eat nuts, then feel free to add nut butters, chopped nuts and other ingredients that may contain nuts but keep them at home.)

What makes these muffin recipes healthy?

As an advocate for intuitive eating, I believe all foods should be enjoyed and not restricted. In saying that I also believe that your body needs nutrient rich foods to keep you energized during the day.

If you want to enjoy the taste of a muffin and keep your diet nutrient rich, I recommend these muffin recipes for the following reasons:

  • Some recipes are low in sugar
  • Some recipes are naturally sweetened with honey or fruit puree
  • You can use any flour making them gluten free
  • They are all nut free
  • You can add a scoop of protein powder to any of these recipes for an extra boost of protein
  • You can omit or exchange an ingredient and they’ll still be okay, for example if you don’t have cranberries for the Cranberry Orange Muffins, omit or substitute the cranberries for raisins or if you don’t have an orange, try it with lemon.

Once you find a good muffin recipe, you will always be able to add your own flavors based on what you have that needs using up. Use any fruits or vegetables and puree or grate into the muffin batter. Add a small amount of cacao nibs for that bit of extra indulgence. Muffins can also be topped with seeds of any kind.

They are also just the right size for kids and little hands. Not a big Texas size but a cupcake size gives your child a few mouthfuls with a piece of fruit or piece of cheese makes for quite a substantial snack.

As for busy moms, they are also the perfect size to enjoy with a smoothie, a cup of tea or coffee and the nutrients will keep you nourished until your next meal. Also, they are portable and pop into your purse when driving to and from appointments or running a few errands.

I’ve also included a savory muffin to this round up. Use this recipe as a guide and again, feel free to add chopped lean turkey breast, red peppers, spring onions etc. Any of these muffin recipes are perfect for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

These recipes are all suitable to freeze, which I absolutely love! I can make a batch (or double the recipe) and have a whole week’s worth of muffins in the freezer to just grab and go.


Looking for a protein powder to add to your baking? Adding just 1 scoop will boost your protein intake for the day. Check out the range I personally recommend.

Looking for more healthy snack recipes? Check out my 14 Energy Ball Recipes here.


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