Spin class, body pump and cardio sessions were my life. I was young, single, self employed and loving every minute of it! I’m now telling my clients to do this instead of a gym workout. I’ll explain why.

I’d put in a full work day as a Registered Dietitian in private practice and finish it at the gym. I’d feel energized, happy and fulfilled at the end of the day after a quick workout.

Fast forward 15 years, and 3 kids later, and the gym and I are on the outs. To be honest we broke up even before the kids came along.   Eight years ago I welcomed my first blonde boy into my life. He was playful, spontaneous and full of boundless energy.

We call him Wilkin, our yellow lab. Daily dog training and multiple dog walks slowly replaced my gym time. I can still remember, the day that I cancelled my gym membership and the front desk person’s response to my explanation. They were absolutely appalled! How would I stay healthy, didn’t I value my physical fitness?

I politely explained that I was choosing activities that fit into my life and active living was extremely important to me. That I meant I was giving up the gym to walk my dog.

Now don’t get me wrong, I loved the group fitness classes and always felt amazing after I finished a quick workout, but I had learned to recognise that instead of focusing on the things that no longer served me (and feeling bad when I had a hard time getting to the gym), I’d focus on the things that brought me joy instead.

Walking my dog and being in nature brought me absolute joy and also brought many “dog friends” into my life. I never would have met them if I hadn’t been at the dog park at 7am, rain, snow or hail, 4 mornings per week.

Life is busy, isn’t it? I hear you. Between work, school pick ups, school drop offs, homework, extracurriculars, meal times, laundry and the dreaded bedtime sagas, at the end of it all I’m absolutely exhausted!   That’s a sentiment that many of my busy momma clients share.

Of course we all know that including adequate exercise, sleep, healthy eating etc, etc into our days is ideal for our health but quite often we make other (sometimes less healthy choices) to maintain our sanity!

The 15 Minute Work Out Club by Lydia Di Francesco

Enter the 15 Minute Workout Club by Lydia Di Francesco I was so happy when a friend introduced me to Coach Lydia and her 15 minute workout community. I love that the workouts are all on-line and 15 minutes or less. The workouts are designed for maximum results to help you get strong, shred fat and build stamina (wow! A working momma’s dream in only 15 minutes!).

Other things that I absolutely love about her approach:

  • workouts are perfect for every level, you push as hard as you can with options from beginner to advanced and use little to no equipment (great for those of us who’ve been counting chasing kids as our “fitness routine” Don’t worry momma – my hand is up too! )
  • no more coming up with a workout routine; just follow along!
  • exercise safely and more effectively with coaching and form cues throughout the videos and never get bored – there are new videos added regularly! (Variety is the spice of life- right! )
  • a quick workout when and where it fits YOUR schedule (amen! Busy momma)

Regular activity has so many benefits including boosting our mood, energy levels and confidence levels. 

If there’s anything that my work has taught me over the years it’s that support and accountability are key to making successful lifestyle changes. So I’ve got you covered busy momma. This momma journey can be hard and sometimes very isolating.

Signature: Your Energized RD, Cathy Richards

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