Food cravings. We can have them at any old time of the day or night and unless you’re in total control of what you eat, how much you eat and when you’re eating, there is every opportunity you might be over eating or eating for the sake of eating. Here are 5 sure fire ways to craving proof your home to help you reduce the chance of over eating.

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What causes food cravings?

Food cravings are an intense desire for a particular food. If you’ve been pregnant you might have had a weird combination for something salty, sweet and sour, or all at once. There is no real reason to explain why pregnancy may cause food cravings.

As long as you are eating enough nutrient rich foods and not over indulging in unhealthy treats, you should be okay. But what about if you’re not pregnant? Food cravings can happen for a variety of reasons.

You may not have had vegetables for a while and start to really craving some. This could be because of a vitamin or mineral deficiency and your body is sending you signals it needs them.

You may have just seen a TV ad for fried chicken and it’s dinner time (the obvious time these companies run these types of ads) so all you can think about is fried chicken.

It could be a memory you’ve had for a chocolate bar from your childhood or an activity you associate with being rewarded. For example, “when I get through my housework, I’m going to have a cup of tea and a piece of cake”.

You might also be sad, tired, depressed, angry, or any other emotion and feel that a certain food might make you feel better. This is known as emotional eating and not a good habit to get into. Food is not going to help you regulate your emotional well-being in the long run.

I’m not saying rule out any indulgent food like chocolate, popcorn, snacks or the occasional glass of wine. All foods should be enjoyed in moderation.

Learning to understand your hunger cues is going to be much better for your overall health and eating the right portion sizes. This is called intuitive or mindful eating.

How to “craving proof” your home

It will be much better for you to craving proof your home so you don’t set yourself up for failure and by that I mean, overeating some of those treat foods or not having enough healthy food options in your home which your body needs.

1. Take the time to focus and enjoy eating

By focusing on the act of eating, it signals your body to give you more sensations of satiety and fullness.

2. Reduce your exposure to temptations

If you’re new to intuitive eating, you may need to keep extra temptations out of the house until you’re more comfortable having them around.

3. Resist marketing & advertising strategies

Be aware of marketing that pairs products or gives you a discount when you buy multiple portions. This can lead to overeating or increased cravings.

4. Buy less, eat less

When we buy in bigger packages we may be tempted to eat more food. If bulk buying make sense for your house. Break items down into smaller portions as you put them away.

5. Out of sight, out of mind

Humans are visual. So if that bag of chips is within your eyesight when you enter the kitchen it may make it harder to eat based on your true stomach hunger.


If you are currently having trouble with emotional eating and want to adopt a more intuitive or mindful style of eating, it’s best to reduce cravings and set up simple solutions to manage those cravings.

All foods should be enjoyed in the right quantities and at the right times while still ensuring you are getting the enough of the right nutrients for your body.

Learning to know your true hunger cues will help you eat the right amounts of the right foods that your body needs.


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