An instant pot is such a versatile appliance and a great time saver. I’m sharing my favorite instant pot recipies that I hope your family will love and actually want to eat. If you’re too tired in the evening to bother cooking dinner, an instant pot is for you. Let me explain what an instant pot is and how it works.

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What is an instant pot and how does it work?

An Instant Pot is a multicooker that is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, used for keeping food warm and sautéing.

It operates as both a pressure cooker, where you can get a meal ready in a shorter amount of time than conventional cooking methods. It also has the ability to cook food like a slow cooker where you can set and forget it. Slow cooking is especially good for cheaper cuts of meat which helps save you money as well.

Old fashioned stove top pressure cookers used to be dangerous if you didn’t know how to let out the pressurized air before lifting the lid but with an instant pot, it has been built with safety mechanisms reducing any risk of hot air burns or food exploding all over the kitchen.

All in all, an instant pot, replaces potentially 4 or 5 appliances saving you space in your kitchen, saving you money by not having to replace appliances like slow cookers or steamers when they break.


An instant pot isn’t just good for an evening meal. It is good for making breakfast dishes, lunches, vegetable dishes, desserts, soups and so much more. It’s an excellent way to cook dishes for the freezer so you only need to defrost and heat for an even quicker meal.

You can also cook sides like pasta, rice, other grains, pulses and vegetable dishes. Cooking these in bulk also saves a lot of money, for example, dried chick peas or lentils. Also, use these recipes as a guide. If you don’t have an ingredient, substitute with the ingredients you do have.

I’ve included a few food prep recipes like baked potatoes, apple sauce and even how to make hot chocolate using your instant pot.

I trust you’ll find many recipes below that your family will love and want to actually eat.




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