Looking for amazing gifts for the busy mompreneur? Check out my top 5 amazing gifts to spoil busy mompreneurs. Not only mompreneurs but any busy mom who could do with some extra spoiling.

Why these gifts?

I don’t know about you but I’m a little bit over bath products, home décor that turns into dust collectors or homewares that just don’t suit my tastes. That’s not to say I’m not grateful for the gifts I receive.

I think there’s something to be said about busy mompreneurs who are always focusing on their business, their family and their home but usually have very little time for themselves.

That’s why I put this list together. These gifts are perfect for the busy mompreneur who doesn’t have a lot of time to focus on her needs, her nutrition or just what to do when she does finally get some time for herself.

I hope you like them. I might’ve already treated myself to some of these already!

1. “Good Food, Bad Diet” by Abby Langer

For the book lover who likes a no bones approach to evidence based nutrition information, I highly recommend “Good Food, Bad Diet” by Abby Langer.

Perhaps the busy mompreneur you know just hasn’t had time to take a good look at the way they eat lately. Maybe they’ve been grabbing food on the go and their whole eating plan has been thrown to the curb.

Abby’s approach is no nonsense, evidenced based and easy to implement. If you’re ready to ditch diet culture and develop life long healthy habits, this book is a must have.

2. CAMP Membership

What’s a CAMP membership you ask? CAMP with JoeGirl is ‘your happy place Creative Awakenings, Mindfulness + Play”.

JoeGirl is your CAMP Director Joanne T. Lauzon—an artist + creative play coach in Ottawa, Canada who is passionate about inspiring joyful living through creative play, and is committed to the belief that we are all creative. Since 2015, Joanne has led hundreds of women to connect with their creative energy through classes, workshops + retreats.

CAMP is an online space where you can learn things lettering, doodling, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media + more via recorded video classes. A printable monthly calendar is included to inspire you. There are also live events throughout the month from artists visiting from around the world with tutorials, interviews and step by step instructions.

There are 3 different memberships available:

  • 3 day CAMP Pass @ CAD$7
  • All inclusive monthly CAMP Membership @ CAD$29 per month
  • All inclusive annual CAMP Membership @ CAD$297 per year

I personally have a CAMP Membership and can vouch for allowing me to get back to my creative side. I’ve always enjoyed crafting of all different types but since having children and running my own health coaching business, as well as clinical dietitian work, I find this such an amazing, relaxing activity and so worth the cost of the membership.

Find out more details about CAMP by JoeGirl here. (Affiliate)

3. Stress reducing Teas

Sitting down to find a quiet spot and 5 minutes to yourself to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee is a gift unto itself but what about enjoying a cup of stress reducing tea like this range of adaptogenic tea (and ‘Not Coffee’) blends.

Check out my favorite blends

Adaptogens are specific, non toxic plants that have pharmaceutical qualities that have been found to resist stressors in the body that could relate to physical, chemical or biological stress.

Not only do they taste great (I can personally vouch for them), they have stress relieving properties. After the body has experienced a stressful activity, adaptogens have shown in studies to exert an anti-fatigue effect that increases mental work capacity against a background of stress and fatigue, particularly in tolerance to mental exhaustion and enhanced attention.

So instead of going for a normal tea or coffee, try an adaptogenic blend which will help relieve any stress from your day.

Check out the range available from Lake and Oak that I recommend here.

4. Cookware Appliances & Utensils

Okay, hear me out. I’m not suggesting buying cooking utensils and appliances as a a gift to a busy mompreneur to make more work, rather the complete opposite.

As a Pampered Chef consultant, I have my kitchen stocked with time saving equipment like the Quick Cooker (currently half price at only CAD$129). The Quick Cooker is a pressure cooker and a slow cooker in one. After a busy day of client consultations, school drop off and pick ups, after school activities, home work, bath time etc, at least I know I will have a healthy meal on the table that has practically cooked itself.

The same goes with my Deluxe Cooking Blender which makes the best smoothies in no time but also cooks soups and blends them once finished cooking. It’s amazing!

They sell basically everything you need for a well stocked kitchen. For the creative baker or the health conscious cook, the range from Pampered Chef is affordable and top quality.

Check out the range available using my Pampered Chef consultant account. (I receive a small commission should you purchase anything using my account, at no extra cost to you.)

5. Breathe into Calm

One of the best ways to ease stress, right in the moment, is to breathe. There are many forms of deep breathing exercises you can do from practically anywhere at anytime and in any format. 

Go from chaos to calm with Breathing Exercises, Visualizations, and Posture Exercises for inner peace and calm. Video training, workbook, and guided meditations.

Join Lisa Khera for this online breathing exercises and meditation program. With over 21 years of experience teaching Pilates, you will get both video and workbook materials to add breathwork and meditation to your day.

Using code cathyrd will get you an extra $20 off the course. Get all the details here. Don’t forget to copy and paste the coupon for an extra $20 off!

The art of practicing yoga is so much more than the downward dog or some other pose. It’s nearly all about the breathing and one of the quickest ways to reduce stress is to practice deep breathing.

In yoga it’s actually known as pranayama, the practice of breath regulation and the main component of yoga. 

There is scientific evidence to support this activity to decrease stress, improve sleep, reduce high blood pressure, improve lung function and so much more.

Buy your busy mompreneur yoga classes in their local area or point them to a Youtube video like this 15 minute DIY Pranayama exercise at home

They’ll need a yoga mat. These are perfect to keep at home or take with you to your yoga class. Imagine being able to stop anywhere and just practice these techniques for instant relaxation?


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