Back to school time already? If you’re a busy mompreneur, I hear you. You’re trying to keep your business running and serving your clients but there’s school clothes and supplies to purchase, meet and greet with new teachers, new schools etc. Until your children are actually in class, starting a new school year, this can be a very stressful time. Here are my back to school stress free must haves for the busy mompreneur.

Stress Free Must Haves for the Busy Mompreneur

Stress Reduction HERBAL DRINKS

A cup of tea or coffee can have such a calming effect on us but what about a tea that has proven stress reducing properties?

Herbal drinks that contain adaptogens which are specific, non toxic plants that have pharmaceutical qualities have been found to resist stressors in the body that could relate to physical, chemical or biological stress.

These are my go to’s after the kids head off to school. Taking a 5 minute break to journal and enjoy my tea is the best way to start my day.

Start the day with an energizing smoothie

Hectic mornings can make it hard to get a balanced breakfast in within the time it takes to get children dressed (and me dressed), fed and ready for school.

Making a protein-rich, energizing smoothie for the whole family, gets us out the door on time while making sure we have a nutrient and protein rich breakfast. Win/win!

My kids have a little to boost to their protein intake and this helps keep them fuller too while also helping them concentrate more in class. I know it keeps me going for a while.

Lavender Essential Oil

My go to as a quick relaxation technique is to rub Lavender essential oil on my temples, brain stem and wrists. Whenever I begin to feel stressed, I sniff my wrist.


Taking 10 to 20 minutes in the morning or before bed has been a game changer in my stress reduction and allows me to be a calmer mother. Even a few minutes in meditation can restore your calm and inner peace.

Obviously you can stop what you’re doing in the moment and start meditating but a regular meditation practice can help carry you through your day and may help you feel calm under stressful situations.

The Sunset Meditations from Inbalance Pilates are beautiful and so effective. I personally use and recommend this meditation series for everyday use.

Stay Hydrated

You’ve probably read in many of my other articles and I remind all of my clients to ensure you stay hydrated. I can’t stress enough just how important it is to maintain an adequate water intake.

Dehydration can affect both your overall physical and mental health. It can lead to altered body temperature control, reduced motivation, and increased fatigue. Your brain is strongly influenced by your hydration status.

If you get headaches from being stressed, some studies have shown that drinking water can help relieve headaches.

I highly recommend keeping a water bottle (like the one pictured above) with you in your work area, in your car and one that will travel well with you throughout your day.


Back to school time can be a stressful time, only because there’s so much to organize for your dear children. Learning how to manage your stress and stay calm will make the whole process so much easier for you. I’m sure it will become more easy as they get older.


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