I couldn’t keep lying to myself and pretending that I felt as good as I know that I can. I didn’t.  And a few weeks ago I came clean with my audience. Truthfully, I’ve been hiding a bit on social media because I was embarrassed about my body and the weight gain that’s happened as a result of a lot of challenges over the past few years. This is my self love journey back to health.

My self love journey 

Actually, calling it a lot of challenges is putting it a bit mildly. It’s been a crazy ride and I’m happy to say that I seem to be coming out the other side. Years of stress, a concussion (and living with the effects of post concussion syndrome), terminal illness in close family members, a divorce, the pandemic, moving twice in 10 months, the death of my mother and my family and I having COVID-19 to top it all off. In fact, we’re still dealing with the lingering effects of COVID almost 3 months out. So, am I stress free? Nope, not in the least. But through a lot of mindset work and therapy I feel the happiest that I have in a very long time. I also feel ready to focus more on my health and getting back to the healthiest version of me.

My professional advice back to health

As a Registered Dietitian I myself have never really subscribed to “diets” or restrictive meal plans. I use medical nutritional therapy to help treat my clients but a lot of my focus is on prevention and helping my clients to focus on the healthy habits that they are already doing and build from there. 

As I pondered how to be more authentic and really share with my audience my personal journey the idea of a podcast came to mind. An intuitive coach that I follow on-line had actually mentioned it during a “physic” coaching thread in the previous six months.

I can remember wracking my brain trying to figure out what I’d even talk about if I did a podcast. But sharing the process of how I work with my clients by putting myself in the seat of my client feels like the right answer. 

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So I’ll be sharing my process of working with my clients to get them more energy, considering their current lifestyle, family situation, and any signs or symptoms that can help me identify the best approach going forward. 

Follow me on my self love journey back to health 

If you’d like to follow me on my self love journey back to health, you can follow my podcast or listen on your favourite podcasting platform.

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