Hello there busy momma! Do you choose a ‘word of the year’? This year I’m doing something different. I’m acknowledging what my life looks like in reality and honoring that. Here’s my word of the year for 2018 for a healthier life but also for keeping it real.

Painting a picture

I’d love to say as I sit down to write my first blog post of 2018 that I’m nursing a warm cup of coffee, listening to a crackling fire and feeling the warmth of the sunshine spilling across my computer as I calmly sit down to write a few words.

Paints a lovely picture doesn’t it? But the truth is that as much as we may wish for that reality, as a busy momma with multiple kids and REAL life, it just ain’t so.

What my reality looks like

I’m currently leaning on the counter, with a sink full of dirty dishes, waiting for the boosted nutrient muffins to be finished and talking to my snotty,  20 month year old as he stands in the learning tower eating sliced oranges and chocolate chips and listening to his 3 and 5 year old sisters build a fort under the dining table.

Many of us feel the beginning of a new year is much like unwrapping a brand new book or journal. The pages are crisp, clean, fresh and ready to be filled with our dreams, thoughts, ideas, heartaches and joys.

In recent years this has lead to a large push on social media channels to find and share our “word” for the year. Only 12 hours into 2018 and I’ve already seen multiple social media posts highlighting people’s words.

A few that have popped into my feed are soar, strive, believe, strength etc. I truly believe that those are all amazing things to strive for and believe in and they may help us keep our mindset strong as we move into 2018.

My words of the year last year

It reminded me of my words for 2017. They came to me in a few ways (first through a reading with the lovely Jill Prescott and then they appeared in a painting that I completed at an amazing art retreat (“Live Your Spirit”), aggressively optimistic, integrity and focus.

And to be 100% honest, these words really did serve me well for 2017. I didn’t really understand the need or meaning behind being “aggressively optimistic” at the beginning of 2017 but as the year rolled on and life presented itself, that phrase became paramount to my continued success in life and business and reminding me to continue to move forward however small the step seemed and however often I tripped and fell, I needed to remain aggressively optimistic to make it to the end of 2017.

I don’t believe that my words will change a lot or leave me this year but that I’ll build on those words, that I almost see as a foundation for my life moving forward.

I’ll continue to FOCUS on the things that matter most to me – my husband, my children, my family, my work and expanding that area to help even more people.

INTEGRITY shows up often and fiercely for me. It’s a quality that goes deep into my core and until I started to expand my business opportunities I honestly didn’t realize how very important it is to me until I really focused to make sure that my online business practices continue to embody this quality.

Possible choices for word of the year

So what’s my word for 2018? I can think of lots of words that hold meaning for me currently.

BREATHE as I remind myself to practice deep breathing to deal with the stresses that come along with REAL life.

REST is another one that often springs to mind as all of us busy momma’s know if momma gets sick (from not taking the time to rest), ain’t nobody going to feel good!

PLAY often sneaks in as I watch my kids bring to life the amazing stories busting to get out of their vivid imaginations.

The word MOVE also speaks to me daily as I feel the effects of age, lack of sleep and holding tension in my body and how these all conspire to make me slow down and Move slower.

My word of the year

But when it all comes together for 2018, I’ve decided to just keep it REAL.

  • REAL as in not every meal at my house has vegetables
  • REAL as in kids running around screaming as I attempt to do my meal prep for the week
  • REAL as in some days I don’t want to even sneak in that 10 min power walk (though I know it will give me more energy, YES please!)
  • REAL as in life as a busy, working fulltime momma with multiple kids is not easy and even a little bit cray cray most of the time
  • REAL as in I don’t have the time to go to the spa (hello DIY at home 5 minute facial)
  • REAL as in, yes, on some days I drink too much a pot full of coffee but some days I make it a healthier version.
  • REAL as let’s focus on making REAL sustainable lifestyle changes and get off the diet/detox/restrictive cycle.

So busy, full-time working momma with multiple kids, I invite you to join me for 2018 and keep it REAL.

Join me over in my Facebook group Healthy Mompreneurs Get Wealthy where I share evidence based, scientific nutrition information in an easy to understand format that helps you make simple changes to improve your ENERGY and IMMUNITY.

Cheers to a healthy 2018,


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