Focusing on healthy habits that you’re already doing can be a game changer. As we near the end of January 2021 and many people have forgotten their “resolutions” for the new year or are understandably exhausted from the continued struggles of living in a pandemic, many of my clients are asking me exactly what they should be focusing on.

And as many previous clients would say, I love to start with the basics. So many health or wellness plans or programs are really restrictive and involve removing a lot of things to become healthier which may work for some people in the short term but isn’t usually sustainable for the long term. 

This is why I like to have my clients build on the healthy habits that they are already including in their day. 

Here are the top 5 healthy habits that I would start with. 


As simple as it sounds water really is a key habit to start with. When I start working with them, very few of my clients actually consume enough fluid in their day. 

Water helps our body function optimally and studies show that being hydrated helps with energy and concentration. Simple healthy habit: Aim to drink 2.7 -3 L of fluid per day. 


Research shows that moving your body for just 10 minutes a day starts to give health benefits but the overall goal should be 150 minutes of body movement per week. Moving your body helps boost your energy mood and maintain a healthy digestion.

Aim to move your body for 30 minutes four to five times per week. Walk, run, dance, lift weights, do yoga or Pilates, stretch, play, have fun every day. Track your time and activity daily.


Good quality sleep is critical for maintaining health and well-being. It’s one of the most important factors for your health in my opinion. Aim for 7-9 hours per night. Each day, write down how many hours you got the night before in your tracker. For more tips on sleep watch this video


Having items prepared for the day or week sets you up for success. Wash and pre-chop veggies and pre-measure snacks to keep on track.

Something you can do is prep 5 meals in 60 minutes ready for the week or check out more about meal planning here


With some many different eating plans and meal patterns it’s really hard to ensure that you are getting enough of some key nutrients from food alone. Vitamin D and Omega 3 are the top two supplement recommendations that I make to my clients. 

Adding nutrients can help maintain immunity and energy levels (link to energy boosting guide) . Consider adding 3,000 IU of vitamin D and up to 2 grams of Omega 3 daily.


Healthy Habits Tracker Check List



For more ways to keep up your healthy habits download my FREE resource the Healthy Habits Tracker. In it I’m sharing the top ten habits that my clients track to improve their health and change their lives. 

Remember by focusing on what you’re already doing right you’re only boosting your confidence to adopt more healthy habits. It’s completely personalizable with a simple process to help keep you on track. Cheers to your health and healthy habits! 




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