Why cereal is the villian and protein is my hero!

Join me in this video where I’m explaining why I want you to pump up your protein at breakfast time to keep your blood sugar and energy stable throughout the day. I share what optimal protein portions are and how to balance out that breakfast. You’re aiming for at...

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Tired of being the stinky, natural mom on the block?

Have you noticed that since having kids --- you smell a bit more? We know through science that what we put in our body is just as important as what we’re putting on our body! Join me in this video where I’m reviewing some “natural” deodorants. One contains -- natural...

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How to get the best sleep of your life!

In this video, I share how my client transformed her lifestyle with 3 easy changes to help her protect her sleep. As a busy momma, I know that it’s tempting to stay up late to have “me time” but in the end, you’re the only one who’s paying for it. Lack of sleep wrecks...

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The best yogurt to feed your kids hands down!

As a busy momma, grocery shopping can sometimes feel like an unsermountable chore. Especially if you’ve got the kids in tow. Join me in this quick video where I’m reviewing the best yogurt options and telling you what will help keep those hungry kids fuller longer --...

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Label reading sucks! Why I think you should STOP!

In this video I share why I don’t think that label reading should be your first step in improving your lifestyle. I definitely think that there’s a role for label reading in helping managing disease but for most of us - it’s not a place to start. Here I’ll tell you...

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I am here to help you reach your health & lifestyle goals!

I’ve been fortunate to help thousands of people achieve their goals over the past 17 years and now it’s your turn, busy momma!

Even with my training as a Registered Dietitian, as I added to my family and life responsibilities I slowly felt my energy draining. I often woke up exhausted and feeling too tired to even think about exercise, let alone healthy eating. I was struggling to get through the workday and bedtime routine with the kids.

That’s when I realized that I needed to implement what I’ve been teaching my clients!

So I took the strategies that have helped 1000’s of people improve their health and I combined them into an exclusive online program.

You don’t have to live life feeling tired and drained!

I want you to find the energy too!

Implement 7 easy steps to get instant energy!